BPI-W2 new image : android 7.1.1 V0.1 beta 2018-5-29

BPI-W2 android 7.1.1 Demo Version

Update Steps:

  1. Download image, unzip the file.

  2. Copy the file “install.img”, to your usb disk.

  3. Plug your usb disk in W2.

  4. Use usb-serial to connect W2, open a console terminal on your PC.

  5. Then power on W2, and press “Tab” button on PC to update image in your W2.



Image link :

Baidu drive: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1WP_TRe9PeNZvfi5bEJy0AQ

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it’s for r2 topic, not for w2

Will this board support Android Treble Project?

Hi! Can you put the image on google drive?

how install on a new device w2?

I used Win32DISK (flashing back with Phoenix Card-v4.1 burning software) to write the decompressed BPI W2 Android image file install.img to the 8G SD card, then plugged it into the BPI W2 SD card slot, the SW4 switch dialed to a position, plugged in the power indicator light, pressed the POWER button did not respond, and the HDMI output port did not output. (my board used the SD card to start the Ubuntu system). Who knows what the reason is?

Hello, this image could not use Win32DISK to install on sd card, could you please follow these steps to start up W2?

  • Firstly you need to install an android image : http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Getting_Started_with_BPI-W2#OpenWrt

  • After you installed this image, you could use following steps to update your image.

    • Format your usb disk

    • Copy the file “install.img”, to your root directory usb disk.

    • Plug your usb disk in W2 usb2.0 interface.

    • Use usb-serial to connect W2, open a console terminal on your PC.

    • Then power on W2, and press “Tab” button in console terminal on PC to update image in your W2.

I recommend you use 2018.09 W2 images, it’s easy to install. and you could use Win32DISK or “bpi-copy” to install image.

Here is one :BananaPI-W2 Ubuntu 18.04 New Image Release 2018-09-17

First of all, thank you for your reply ,but I have several questions to ask you.

  1. My W2 used to install Ubuntu 18.04 with SD card. Now I’m going to modify Android OS. Should I burn BOOT first?
  2. If, according to the method you said, the next boot after the completion of burning is not to plug in the U disk, directly to the W2 power, press the POW key directly into the system to start? I look forward to your advice.

中文翻译: 首先感谢您的回复,我有几个问题还得需要请教您。 1、我的W2以前用SD卡装过Ubuntu 18.04,现在准备改装安卓操作系统,不是应该先烧录BOOT吗? 2、如果按照您说的方法烧录完成后下次启动是不用插U盘,直接给W2加电,按POW键直接进系统启动吗? 期待您的指教。

If I understand this process right:

going through linked OpenWrt guide you will have correct u-boot in emmc.

files that guide shows after decompressing .img to USB flashdrive looks like recovery image + audio drivers + kernel uImage + initial root partition image.

init=/etc/init root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootfstype=squashfs rootwait"

That looks like instructing board to look for rootfs on emmc partition 1 (boot: normally uImage + bluecore.audio + .dtb only in there)

I assume it will boot having rescue.root.emmc.cpio.gz_pad.img as rootfs. Then it will do its thing preparing emmc partitioning and contents for actual, proper boot.

  • Waiting for OpenWRT burning,after finished,W2 will reboot and go into OpenWRT system.

next reboot - you have everything set right and you do not need USB drive to help you booting.

from now on updates look similar to how you flash android ROMs on your smartphone: boot to recovery and select file to write to partitions device is using during boot process.

“tab” or “esc” (depending on guide) while turning w2 on looks like the way to initialise recovery instead of normal system boot.

it appears recovery is hardcoded to look for install.img on root of USB drive (no need to select update file manually - just stick it in)

let it process what is needed and possibly reboot back to new system

Thank you for your help.My W2 is now running on ubantu, using an SD card to boot, and I want it to be running on Android 7.01, SD card or EMMC boot. Can you tell me the specific operation steps and what tools, drivers or software are used to complete the board boot (SPI should be burned before SD card or EMMC)? 中文翻译: 谢谢你的帮助,我的W2现在刷ubantu系统,使用SD卡启动,我想把它刷成安卓7.01的系统,SD卡或者EMMC启动都可以。 你能告诉我具体操作步骤,以及用什么工具、驱动或软件,来完成板子启动吗(应该需要先烧写SPI再烧写SD卡或EMMC)?

Hello,you could see this document to load Android image to emmc.

W2 burn Android image to emmc.doc (227.5 KB)

you could also see more details here: BPI-W2 new image :Burn OpenWRT with Linux kernel 4.4 2018-4-25

Hello, there is an easy way to install Android on your emmc.

please download this ubuntu image, and install it on your sd card.

then your will find an android package in root directory:2018-05-30-android7-bpi-w2-emmc.img.zip


then use “bpi-copy 2018-05-30-android7-bpi-w2-emmc.img.zip” to install image on emmc.

after that, poweroff your w2, switch sw4 to 0, poweron W2.

Thank you for your help. My BPI-W2 is running Android 7.1.1. But now there are a few questions that need to bother you:

  1. The power-on system of W2 development board starts by itself. When it needs to be shut down, the power key is invalid and can only be pulled out. How can I use the power key to shut down the system?

  2. How to set and enable the infrared function of W2 development board?

  3. The PCIe2.0 slot of W2 development board installs RTL8822BE WIFI and Bluetooth integrated network card, but WIFI works normally, Bluetooth display has been disabled and can not be activated.

  4. The LAN port of W2 development board does not work.

Can you tell me how to operate or set it up in detail? I look forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

I tested android 7 last day ethernet will work, but maybe only the port nearby usb will enable in android.

Trouble the official technicians to give a definite answer.

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Banana Pi BPI-W2 android 7 1 1 with google play

I have confirmed that Android image is 100% on HDMI screen using usb. However, rebooting will cause kernel panic.

[ 5.043297] —[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

But OpenWRT works find…

I downloaded Ubuntu to SD card and checked it by bpi-copy, but it does not work that way either.

How you install google play ? I couldn’t find it in image ?

Hi There I have issue “boot all” but get " no this command" Is there any way to solve it?


Good day. Did you figure it out? I have the same problem please ?

  • I have an error after installation: [ 5.043297] —[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

  • Or blocked in: [ 1.143655] reg = 0x330800

  • But what’s special, a year ago, when I used other BPI-W2 devices (V1.0), everything worked normally + Ethernet port OK. Last week I bought a new BPi-W2 and Android (6,7 all images tested) doesn’t work.

  • So either this BPI-W2 series is defective, or SinoVoip provides corrupted installation files ??