BPI-W2 miniPCI to M2/PCIe 1.1 or 2.0 port

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I salvaged a miniSATA LTE modem from a D-Link DWR-921 router (which is a total crappy device btw.) and now I wonder how can I hook the mini PCI LTE/USB board to the W2, it would be nice if someone can point me to some kind of adapter solution. I got a bunch of miniSATA interfaced card and I would love to reuse those.

UPDATE: I initially thought its a mini-PCIe but my LTE modem and WIFI cards come with a miniSATA plug like on this picture

miniSATA (left) - mini-PCIe (aka M.2?) right

Is it actually possible?

TLDR: I want to re-use cards that I got with the exact interface plug from the left picture (miniSATA) and connect them into M.2 slots.

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I found an ‘adapter/raiser’ at Amazon for a few $, gonna test it out.

  1. I meantime I bought (6$/Amazon) a M.2 Qualcomm Athereos AR9xxx M.2 card, which I didn’t knew existed in this format until few days ago (astonishingly small ting, lesson learned) and it works out of the box (PCI-e is initialised and properly detected after booting, the card is listed by lspci)

Too bad I was hastily and the that particular model is a 802.11N device, so no A or AC not mentioning AX aka Wifi6. Another 19$ and now I wait for an Intel AX201 M.2 802.11AX card, and just to be sure I bought a 802.11A Broadcom BCM-something (I update the HW list once I test it)

  1. I also bought a LTE Cat6 M.2 B-Key card (19$/Amazon) I want to test, will update my findings later on.