BPI-W2 Image Request: Arch Linux

Would it be possible to create an Arch Linux image? for the BPI-W2?



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I would also be interested in Arch being supported.

please test this image:


Sorry, only just spotted this. I have installed 2019-06-19-aarch64linux-mate-preview-bpi-w2-m4-sd-emmc.img.zip - seems ok so far.

Boots ok from both mmc and sd. Only one ethernet port in each case though

I’m guessing a ‘pacman -Syu’ will break everything? So, how to install updates?

It’d be good for BPI to host their own package repository so that we can point pacman at it and install updates from there.

could we have one for the M2 Zero.

Pensez au bpi w2 Merci