BPI-R64 with Quectel RM500Q


I’m inquiring about the compatibility of the BPI-R64 with the Quectel RM500Q modem for 5G. If not compatible, are there alternative 5G modems that the BPI-R64 can support? Additionally, since the BPI-R64 features two PCIe slots, is it feasible to install two modems simultaneously?

Thank you. BRs, Yessine

One slot is maybe disabled for sata usage…depending on kernel you have to change this in dts (maybe via overlay)

Hi Frank, Thank you for your response. My goal is to install OpenMPTCProuter for aggregation. It’s possible to disable sata usage with this os ?

i do not know this in detail…if you have the source (or decode the dts in runtime) you can check dts to be the original state to this (maybe it use mainline) where both pcie are enabled

in my code i have enabled the sata:

if you want to use pcie instead you have to do the opposite if the code is like mine