[BPI-R64] use RPI to control gpio

I want to ask, can r64 use RPI to control gpio

sorry, i do not understand the question…r64 has own gpio, why using external device for it, or do you want to use a rpi-library on r64?

have modified your title to make it shorter and cleaner

Because I want to connect an LCD16032 to r64, in order to write programs more convenient

I mean, using Python’s RPI.GPIO library, can r64 install and use RPI.GPIO?

i do not know the library in detail, but i guess you need to modify it to drive the right gpio on non-rpi-board

So what should I do using c program, I want to use LCD16032 on banana pi, but I only have an example for 51 MCU, how can I modify it to make it work on banana pi…1661758775971 just like this,Here is the connection between the lcd pin and the MCU pin, how should I write the bananapi pin to connect with it