[BPI-R64] Trouble with HDD

Hi I have use my Bpi as NAS.I connect to It 3.5 hdd. And somtimes hdd restart spontaneously. I think this is because voltage drops. And I add two capasitor one for 12V and one for 5V.

One two

to be honest powering 3.5in hdd from arm arm-board is a bad idea…

you should be powering it separately

Hi I want share my expiriance. After I have add two capasitors, Ihave got trubles, my disk got stuck sometimes. Therefore I have remove capacitors and change my power supply to much power( I use power suply 1.5 A and change to 4A).

I guess it’s because hdd goes into sleep-mode and the wakeup takes too much current which cannot be solved with capacitors alone.