BPI-R64 - Supported Wifi Modes

Dear all, I’ve finally got my Pi64 fully up & running. The Wifi is working to… but i’ve a question which modes are possible on the R64 with the onboard module? Is 5G also possible? Can be run mesh Network?

If yes … which question ever…how can i get it to work,m

I’m using OpenWRT 22.03 according my knowledge the latest version incl. LuCi.

Thanks for your help. Take care and greets from Basel

iw list should give you the info you need

Also checkout the datasheet in the wiki.

thanks Eric, e bit new to the topic. Will check command and try to unterstand the output :slight_smile:

In what way do you mean? As in b/g/n/ac/ax? AP, STA? It’s an N module that supports AP, STA, 802-11s (mesh) and ad-hoc. It will support AP and STA in WDS (4-addr) mode also.

Not with the built-in radio, no. 2.4GHz N only. If you want 5GHz you’ll need an add-on card. What hardware version is your board?


How to get what to work? You’ve asked a whole lot of things. If you mean mesh, then there are guides for it available…

Yes, but version 23.05 is in the release candidate stage now and will be out very soon.


thanks for all your answers. I know i wrote it a bit special :slight_smile: I’ve already ordered the 5GHZ Module MT-7615. That i can upgrade my Wifi to 5GHz.

My HW Version is V1.2.

Thanks also for the information of OpenWRT Version. Looking forward. It’s a great software. I’ve implemented my Router 4 Days ago and it is performing well. Now i can start to configure my whole network, cause i want to separate my business Network from my Private Network.

And as i could find it is really got to implement my separation with WRT.

Any Suggestion are always appreciated.

Take care and greets from Basel

Which one did you order?

This one here: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08F2HDXWB?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

You are going to run into some issues. That device doesn’t have built-in EEPROM data. Which means when the driver boots up, it will be limited to 6dBm power output. Once it arrives, you will want to read through this thread: