[BPI-R64] SPI NAND Preloader

Hello @SinoVoip,

Can you please release preloader to boot from SPI NAND flash ? Flash layout may be as for MT7622-RFB1.

Thank you

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Ie. you may now download SD Card image, boot the R64 with that card and use the menu to install everything to SPI-NAND.

Thank you, can you point me to the atf-changes/compile options needed for binary blobs?

Thank you for the update.

ATF BL2 build options are here:

relevant U-Boot patches:

my uboot does not know MTK_SPI_NAND, i guess mtd is not needed if i want to use GPT, right?

patch found:

seems like mtd is needed for this…

Can you tell me when is spi-nand booted? Does system check for sd/emmc first and then (if no bootable system found) boot spi-nand? Whats difference to spi-nor?

I guess it makes only sense for openwrt due to mtd depency

The physical switch on the R64 controls the NREB signal: nreb-schematics


So you have the choice between 1 (=01b) and 3 (=11b) using the hardware switch.

As there are neither SPI-NOR nor (parallel) SLC-NAND chips present on the R64, this results in:


1: SDXC → eMMC

Many. It’s a whole different SPI command set, ie. the BootROM needs a different way to read the preloader. And NAND flash needs special treatment in software in order work reliably: ECC, bad block management, wear-leveling, scrubbing, … ECC is done in hardware on MT7622 (which is nice for performance), all the rest can be achieved by using UBI which is supported by U-Boot as well as the Linux Kernel.