[BPI-R64] Poweroff


is it possible to poweroff the r64? i guess it’s possible using the the pmic mt6380, but i have not found a mt6380 development-document to test writing registers

@sinovoip can you share pmic document?

in r2 (mt6323) poweroff was done like this:

#define RTC_BBPU 0x0000
#define RTC_BBPU_KEY (0x43 << 8)
#define RTC_WRTGR 0x003c

regmap_write(pwrc->regmap, pwrc->base + RTC_BBPU, RTC_BBPU_KEY);
regmap_write(pwrc->regmap, pwrc->base + RTC_WRTGR, 1);

regards Frank

only part power can be contoled by PMIC, So it’s imposible that SW implement the R64 poweroff feature.

R64 cannot be powered off by pmic like r2?

Just like R2, even though PMIC can only turn off part of the power supply, R2 has a power key to wake up. R64 does not have a power key. How to wake up after it is turned off is a problem

i understand, but don’t know exact circuit

maybe remove power-jack and reconnect to re-power-on?