BPI R64 or APU2

hi, i need help, i’am french sorry for my bad english

i try to chose router card… but my choise is :


or the new BPI R64 . for you what is the best / stable / low power consuption

the best is 2 wifi radio, is possible adding wifi card ?

on the BPI, possible upgrade ram or card ? add ssd or more space ?

thank you

EDIT : for use openwrt system whit Curl and Adblock and who y not many more softs ^^


i don’t know power consumption of apu-board, r64 is ~6W without additional wifi-card

you can use fron pci-slot for wifi-card (to get second AP, using internal wifi for first) and using sata (disables second pcie-slot) to attach ssd/hdd. you can use sd-card imho up to 128GB (only tested 32/64GB) and using 8GB emmc. RAM-upgrade not possible…1G is soldered

imho there is no openwrt yet.

ok thank, you think i’am waithing or start buy apu card ?

apu is more profesional no ?

thank for answer

I don’t know apu card and if you can run openwrt or any other open system…