BPI-R64 - no u-boot

I am a long time user of the W2 boards. I got a R64 recently but it won’t speak to me. It looks as if there is no u-boot in it, screenshot below is what I get on power-on/reset.

I.e connect USB UART to board, run picocom, press RESET (quick press, hold for 5, 10, 20 seconds, all combinations), all I get is a register print-out and HALT.

I am thinking that there is no u-boot in the ROM.

Any hints on where to look next?

@sinovoip can you move thread to r64 section?

In your screenshot only bootrom is shown. You you have no bootable system on card. Maybe you have burned image to partition instead of disk or burned compressed image. How did you flashed the image and which?

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I made some progress in the last two days.

unzip -c 2020-12-20-ubuntu-18.04.3-bpi-r64-5.4-sd-emmc.img.zip | dd of=/dev/sdb

That seems to work now. Looks like I had some finger trouble! Sorry to bother you.