BPI-R64 new image: Debian10 and Ubuntu18.04 Linux kernel 5.4.0 2020-05-08

Hello all,

thanks for the brilliant work for the BPI-R64. I think not even so important that you should use the eMMC - memory for the image. I prefer there rather the SD card, because so I can possibly faster and more effectively change / exchange something, instead of making each time the procedure.

The next advantage is that I can use the eMMC - memory also as SWAP or TMP - memory.

But now actually my question: Is this OpenWRT implemented in this image or not yet? What is behind this image? Excuse these questions, but I deal today for the first time with this board and the software…

With best regards from Berlin


The image is debian/ubuntu…openwrt is different linux distribution. But @dangowrt made some work for r64 in openwrt.

There are a couple of threads with openwrt,did not found one opened by daniel describing the current state on quick search. But here you’ll find a link to precompiled image: