[BPI-R64] mPCIe hardware pin 48

Hi all, I’ve started to try to fit an Advantech DVP-7641e video capture board on my R64 … without too much positive result yet. The board is not even detected and both pcie slots keep saying they are down at boot. I was then inspecting the drawings of the R64 and noticed that pin 48 is connected to +5V. image Is there any reason for that ? Did anyone see any issue with this pin 48 on different boards ? Sylvain

I guess it is similar to BPI-R64, issue with Quectel EP06

And i hope you did not brick your card. Which voltage does your card need on pins 46-48?

I do not know why @sinovoip use 5v on 46/48 but some cards need lower voltages and will be damaged. If 5v is needed by some cards there is a need for voltage selection (defaulting to 1v8 to not brick cards on first try)

Thanks, right, Looks quite the same ! For sure, this voltage mismatch can cause damages … My card is running hot, not too many, but enough to say that something is going wrong. As it is not detected by the pci system, I expect it has passed away. Too bad. I’ll check the compatibility better, next time. Do you know if there is a PCB placement doc anywhere available ? One test could be to remove R227 but it looks quite difficult to figure where it is actually?

I do not have such layout document and know no easier way :frowning:

Maybe @sinovoip can explain why they used 5v here and how to find this resistor (which is basicly a bridge because of 0 ohm)

Edit (do not want to add a new answer for this):

The why is interesting because to prevent such issues in future

Bad news.
Anyway, I’m not so interested in knowing why they did it but rather how to get rid of this potential issue :wink: Thanks a lot for taking time to answer and let’s wait for @sinovoip if they can help.