[BPI-R64] Does the R64 run on mainline kernel?

I was thinking on creating a script to building an image for R64, that runs on the stock arch-linux kernel.

Kernel then is easily updated with updating the Linux package, without the need to build a kernel again.

Only need for a few changes on the precompiled dtb, but that is easy to fix.

Can it run on stock mainline kernel? Or are there still bugs that will prevent this? Any PCI issues perhapse?

Afair pcie was fixed,but bluetooth and temp issue is still there

Temp issue can be fixed by dtb only so there is not a problem. Have not used Bluetooth,

So it looks like it can be done

If unsure look which commits i have added on non-lts branch (or -r64 if existing).

Thanks. Anyway, as it turns out, the stock precompiled kernel has too many config options missing. I’ve added a package to the AUR from which the kernel can be build, simply by running makepkg. It would also be possible to host prebuild packages on my site, if anyone would be interested.