BPI-R64 current state


What is the current support state for this board? Will it be supported in openwrt 5.4 kernel with all features working ( NAPT+HQoS network accelerator, MediaTek Wi-Fi Warp Accelerator, ARM NEON Crypto Extensions)? I’ve read that there is a hardware issue (pcie slot) with the current version, is there a hardware revision planned?

I also can’t see BPI-MT7615 on aliexpress anymore, are there any compatible cards which support 802.11 ax?

Edit: I found this: https://www.mediatek.com/blog/mediatek-mt7915-wi-fi-6-wave-1-chipset-builds-in-a-range-of-industry-firsts Would this work in R64 when released?


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Thank you for the info. So these features work with openwrt compiled from master branch? I can wait for mt7915 to become available and use the integrated mt7622 wifi until then. I also see some WHNAT plugin in the kernel repo: https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-R64-bsp-4.19/tree/master/mtk_wifi/mt_wifi/embedded/tools/plug_in/whnat

You can try porting it to 5.4 and then i can add it to my repo…

It’s a .ko file, where can we find the source?

I think this is it: https://git.shield.asia/lev/lean-openwrt/tree/master/package/lean/mt/drivers/mt_wifi/src/mt_wifi/embedded/tools/plug_in/whnat

It’s MTK proprietary drivers and only binary file is available but I think it’s not a problem because mt7622 cpu is powerful and CPU won’t be a bottleneck for built-in 4x4n traffic.

Does DIR-X1860 use MT7622 SoC? Thanks.

No,it is mt7621 with mt7915d WiFi card.

For mt7622 product, you can buy this one. http://en.techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Buffalo_WSR-2533DHP2