[BPI-R64] - case


i’ve found this acrylic case: http://wiki.banana-pi.org/images/5/50/BPI-R64_case.JPG (http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-R64)

can you give me the document to design an own case (lasercutter)?

regards Frank

DXF file :

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thank you, i try to use the TOP file for case-design.

which purpose are the WPS and KEY0 switches? i guess WPS is for mt7622 wifi…

can i (freely) use these keys in linux? the most used (for me) switch is the reset, which is hard to access if board is build in a case

Both of these are just regular IO, software can be defined by youself

WPS that is the public version of the WPS function

How can key0 be read/defined (e.g. as reset)? In your picture it is named recovery…in shematics there is only “reboot” (seems to be the flat reset-switch) and “reset to factory” (this one? Ends on gpio_a)

this key can define by youself ,it just a GPIO define.

Which gpio? Imho kernel knows only numbers and not letters

These two buttons correspond to GPIOA and GPIOE respectively

MTK’s reference design was originally intended to restore factory Settings and WPS functionality, but it is estimated that the software has not been done

Hi! Is there a drawing on the front side?

No only board from top/bottom…i need a bit of time to draw it

this is what i have so far…imho switches need round holes…i only drawed all as rectangular


two-story building with fastening for HDD 3.5 … for manufacturing from 3mm material корпус_or.dwg (39.3 КБ) %D0%BA%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BF%D1%83%D1%81_or

could you save it in svg (or any other vector format inkscape can load, e.g dxf)?

The forum displays the SVG as a picture … just save it to disk

ah, ok, like mine…thought it was only a preview (png/…) for dwg, thank you