[BPI-R64] Banana Pi No Output on Serial [closed]

Hello, i have a problem with my Bananapi ( MTK MT7622) r64 .

I connect my ch341 serial connector to debug !

grafik|285x177 ( i tryed rdx to tdx and tdx to rdx as well rdx to rdx and tdx to to tdx ) but i got no output.

Minicom and Putty displaying complede black screen. Not input is working.

I use Ubuntu 22.04… What do i wrong?

Have you verified settings of serial connection? Is the adapter/cable working with another device? Is gnd connected too? You are sure using the right tty for minicom?

Rx to tx and tx to rx is right

Hi, thanks for the replay.

i connected it in this way:

rb2_1 rb1

Orange= rxd (board) => txd (stick) yellow = txd (board => rxd (stick) green (ground on board and stick)

Baudrate 115200 i tryed putty on windows and Ubuntu (Notebook and desktop)…

i tryed also to connect via gpio no change…


Afaik on gpios there is no console mapped from atf,uboot and linux,so stay on debug-pins. Have you tested adapter/cable on another serial device?