[BPI-R64] Always newest stable linux kernel already build available for download

I’ve setup my linux-bpir64-git package to be checked for updates from the linux-rolling-stable branch of the linux stable git. If there is a new merge, it will be build starting 04.00 AM.

If running on Arch-Linux, you can add my repo to pacman.conf like this:

Server = ftp://ftp.woudstra.mywire.org/repo/$arch
Server = https://github.com/ericwoud/buildR64arch/releases/download/packages

The second server is only a backup option, in case my server somehow is unreachable, it will have an older repo available, which will result in pacman continuing instead of aborting. Now just install linux-bpir64-git with pacman and update it at a later time as you would with any package.

If you are not running Arch-Linux, the built packages are still easy to use, because they are simply .tar.xz files. Download them like so:

wget ftp://ftp.woudstra.mywire.org/repo/aarch64/linux-bpir64-*

You will always download the newest built kernel. Extract the needed files and place them where you need them.

PS: You could choose to setup a full Arch-Linux install with my newest version of my install script, or with a downloadable image. You will have the newest kernel, systemd, hostapd, etc, etc installed and keep them always up to the newest version available, without the need of going through a release upgrade or something similar, because Arch-Linux has rolling updates. The base packages are very similar anyway.