[BPI-R64] 2GB RAM + 16/32 GB eMMC?

Hello there,

I’m looking forward to buy the R64 router. On some websites I read that there will be two versions, with 1 GB RAM and 2 GB RAM and also several eMMC options (8/16/32 GB).

I have found the 2 GB version on AliExpress here, but unfortunately the description is very contradictive. It says under specifications “Memory Capacity: 2GB”, but in the overview only 1 GB.

Does anyone know whether there will be a 2 GB version, where to find it and from when?

Thank you!

now just 1GB RAM and 8 GB eMMC version on sale.

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Thank you! Is a 2 GB version already planned and if yes, when will be the estimated release date?

Great, thanks. And the 16/32 GB eMMC versions, will they be released?

just 1G ram and 8g eMMC flash for public sale . if you want to project ,you can test on this . other option is mini order 1K.