BPI-R4 Where can I download the toolchain for compiling the official BSP? (编译官方bsp的工具链在哪里下载)

如题,没有看到bnanna pi发布有工具链下载链。

This is an english forum,please do not write in chinese

I can not speak English

OpenWRT的BSP是在ubuntu 18.04 x64主机编译,arm-linux-gcc是OpenWRT自已会编译出toolchain.

如果是ubuntut和debian的BSP,也是在ubuntu 18.04 x64主机编译, 主机上安装aarch64的编译toolchain就可以了 apt-get install aarch64-… 来安装

First of all:

there is still a chinese forum:

Second: English is also not my mother language! If it is relly important, you can use a translator to translate chinese into english!

I have a good example what happend if we not obay this: I’m in the Telegram group " Huawei HarmonyOS". Most time pepole write in english. But often you have people who write in spanish, russian oder arabic. :see_no_evil:

Yes, I also can translate it. But no!

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他们应该都可以的, 具体需要编译确认一下.

Can you move the thread into cn forum please? It does not look like anyone wants to translate it to english…

I will help translate the above conversation so that it is easier for everyone to read.


I didn’t see bnanna pi release toolchain download chain.


OpenWRT BSP is compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 host, arm-linux-gcc is OpenWRT itself will compile the toolchain.

If it is Ubuntu and Debian BSP, it is also compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 host, just install aarch64 compilation toolchain on the host apt-get install aarch64-… to install


Is there any requirement for gcc version, such as gcc-12 or gcc-11


They should all be OK, you need to compile and confirm.

Thx,but my argument is that there is an extra cn forum for it or posting in english,so that no other user need to translate it

and there are some threads about compilation issues of the bpi repo for r4

In the last one i shared a chroot for building including compile-tools