BPI-R4 vh 2pins connector

Hy. Is the vh 2pins connector for a battery? Thankss by advance :slight_smile:

which one exactly do you mean? the one behind the USB-C-connector? imho (based on schematics) it is only another jack to supply ~20V or for measuring which Voltage come into USB-C

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Hy, Yes it that’s one. Thank you for the Informations.

There is a 2pin connector near the USB-A port and serial console as well, and that’s for a battery supplying the RTC.

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Hi. It’s not this one (for rtc battery). but the one near to usbc

He probably meant that connector is the only one for a battery on the board. The SOC doesn’t have an internal charger and doesn’t meant to work on a battery supply. You may manage everything externally and supply the board with constant 20v from a battery

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