[BPI-R4] Testing with various SFP aka. "Fun with flags"


I have a selection of SFP and SFP+ that are from http://www.fs.com. I have tried them in the BPI-R4. With various hacks, I can get them to all pass traffic, be it via MMF, SMF or Copper. The interesting points to note are:

  1. Most had 0x50, 0x51 and not even a 0x56 page.
  2. One had 0x50, 0x51 and 0x56, but the 0x56 was read only and just filled with the letter “h”.
  3. ROLLBALL did not work on any of them, neither did C22, C46 or C46 over C22.
  4. With none of them with valid 0x56 pages, knowing which PHY they use is impossible unless one pries them open. I have not opened them as I am only borrowing them from a friend to try out.
  5. The 0x50 and 0x51 generally had correct information in them regarding fibre type, speed etc.

I have avago, finisair 10gig mmf, and one 1gig to rj45, i can check.

Which copper module have you tried?