[BPI-R4] support openwrt 2203

Is there 2203 openwrt base that support the bpi r4? Thx

openwrt support for BPI-R4 has been mainlined recently. In the next 24.xx branch, you can expect it to be included

If it’s supposed to be working in the main branch, as of commit 9d9dd518ff7be8e69775e78e3ebb2eaa3f0960a2 the hardware offloading has a bug.

After sending the initial packet, it stops forwarding any further frames. ICMP works just fine, but for something like a tcp connection, it breaks.

Disable hardware offloading in NFT, and it works just fine (abit with higher cpu usage due to not offloading)

Yes, this is a known problem and can be worked around also by limiting the RAM to 2 GiB (so the problem is seemingly caused by using more than 32-bits for DMA addressing, but it’s not yet clear where exactly).

Wait ive got a question. does the r4 even ship with a wifi card? cause in all the product photos anywhere im looking to buy there are no places to attach antennas and the actual wifi chip isnt included?

It ships without one. The official wifi NIC is still work in progress, though samples are already in the hand of developers like Frank. But you can’t buy it yet.

Alternatives are other minipcie cards like the ones from AsiaRF that also use Mediatek chipsets. There are also other chip manufacturers, but you have to test for compatibility yourself. I think there also was a thread here in the forums about those.