[BPI-R4] SD Debian bookworm "frank-w" build on kernel 6.8.0-rc7-dango_2 boot fail

Trying to use Debina on a BPI-R4 Using the awsome information provided by @frank-w

I build my kernel on the GitHub - frank-w/BPI-Router-Linux at 6.8-dango_2 branch I then used that kernle to build an image using GitHub - frank-w/BPI-Router-Images

The resulting image, when written on an SD card fails to boot and cause a reboot loop. Screenshot attached for details

The relevant message seems to be the ERROR: new format image overwritten - must RESET the board to recover I did some changes in the kernel config when building it (mainly adding modules but I think I also did change the ext4 and MSDOS filesystem from built-in to modules).

Could this be the cause ?

Maybe kernel is too large and loadaddr needs to be adjusted…

IIUC, the kernel loading at 0x44000000 would be too large and extent past the 0x47000000 address and gets overwritten by the fdt image loaded at that address.

How would you change that loading address if at all possible ?

Try using 0x5000000 as loadaddr in uboot (not change its)

main 6.8_dango will work fine w/o need of address modifications

@frank-w, I got a R4 and trying to do development on that, so I could at least free my r2-pro for production usage.

I am not sure where I got your Ubuntu image for r2-pro, but do you have a repository that only has the userspace image? For the kernel, probably going to start from defconfig because I was doing crazy ipsec and VRF stuff.

If debian ist ok too i have recently built images to my gdrive


In my u-boot repo releases there are base images without userspace (which are downloaded by router images repo which adds userspace and kernel). You can pass a self compiled kernel package when building image here

See here for howto integrate self compiled kernel: