[BPi-R4] RM530N-GL

Does anyone have any idea if the RM530N-GL works with the R4? I know the RM520N-GL-AA does. Seems like the 530 should but didn’t want to buy it if it was going to give me trouble.

Currently none modem works on the key-b slot as we don’t have this slot itself working.

Are you sure? With the stock software, from the BPi getting started page, they said the 520n-gl definitely works(screenshots provided). Sounds like it works because it uses the USB interface and not the pcie.

SinoVoip/Bananapi stock firmware got working PCIe on that slot, but lacks the drivers (MHI) to work with PCIe connected modems. So yes, there only USB-connected modem can work.

In vanilla OpenWrt we can easily add MHI drivers, but we didn’t get the PCIe controller serving that slot working yet.

Yes , that’s how I understood it as well. Assuming the RM530N-GL is usb interface as well, can I count on it to work with the R4? Am going to buy either the 520 or the 530 based on that.

If unknown I may just buy both of them, then report back after I try them.

The RM520N-GL works great on the snapshot from openwrt, with the needed packages installed. making this post right now from it.

Package list please, thanks!

I can confirm that the Quectel RM521F-GL (engineering sample) from AliExpress also works on the stock firmware.

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Other than the base packages, I added uqmi, kmod-usb-serial, kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan, kmod-usb-serial-option, kmod-usb-serial-wwan, and picocom. I used picocom to figure out the apn settings. Using it right now to post. Also, verizon wouldn’t let that device on, using picocom I changed it’s imei to the imei of the tablet I had that I’m not using.

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Thanks, I’m really want to learn all this.