[BPI-R4] Problems with udpxy with openwrt nightly

hi, i have a r4 with openwrt nightly (i build it myself every x weeks) and it runs udpxy. all worked fine since about a few weeks. I did not save the previous built image but only the one from end of april. for testing, i used this now and all works like a charm. wondering if anyone else is experiencing some problems? i will also ask in openwrt. its like a performance problem, i have seen artefacts and glitches like if the buffer is not fast enough. i tested it on my htpc and on my workstation, both with the same behaviour. speedtest.net was ok. the ISP told me, that there are no problems detected from them to my connection. and iirc i had no problems before i upgraded openwrt.

if anyone has an idea how to debug that … please let me know. i have now 2 sd cards, one with a recent nightly (from a few days ago where i have this performance problem) and one from end of april (where everything works)

created now BPI-R4: udpxy (or in general network) bad performance with buffering stutters · Issue #15747 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub

I would look at cpu utilization,maybe something with hw acceleration (flow offload) is broken in current builds and all traffic has to be handled by cpu…maybe smp_affinity can help here a bit

If you know which (last) commit is good and which (first) is bad you can compare changes (maybe do a bisect)

thanks, thats a good and quick to test hint. i will report back tomorrow regarding cpu usage. but it makes me wonder, because the speedtest.net results where perfectly fine (got about 1.8gbit down and 1.9gbit up from my workstation).

regarding bisect: thats what i’ll do tomorrow, i wrote that in the github bug report. But it will probably take the whole day :confused:

i built the image a few weeks ago and it is still behaving like that. its no solution to me to “just wait”. i prefer digging into the problem and trying to help the devs.

Was trying to provide little help regarding Tuesday’s snapshot. Seems it doesn’t apply to your case. Sorry, I didn’t read your OP in detail nor I got it’s been an issue for weeks.

I’ll retract my previous response. Thanks for your effort to open source community.

not a cpu problem: CPU: 0% usr 13% sys 0% nic 85% idle 0% io 0% irq 0% sirq

bisecting now

Strange is that speedtest is good…do not know the app udpxy,but based on name i guess it is using udp instead of tcp…iperf has an -u switch to do udp test…maybe you can try this before digging into the code (with --bidir)

its not only udpxy, its more. also had problems with netflix on the TV. udpxy uses tcp, its the alternative to igmpproxy. i am already testing a version that looks promising, no error so far, its ath79: 8dev: remove wmac userspace handling · openwrt/openwrt@dd6bbba · GitHub

Does it use multicast? Maybe there is an issue handling muticast traffic

cant reproduce anymore with latest build, so … i closed the ticket and guess this is solved. no idea what it was