BPI-R4 NVME Slot for Wi-Fi WWAN

Hey everyone,

A bit of context: I’m moving to a new place in a few months where I’ll only have access to the internet via an existing Wi-Fi network and 5g. I’m currently building my new BPI-R4 and I’m looking to install the Wi-Fi 7 module (once it’s released) for my own personal network, a RM520N-GL 5G module on the M.2 BKey slot (for a 5g backup connection), leaving me with only the NVME M.2 MKey slot on the underside for WWAN to the existing connection.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the chip in this link, or knows of any alternative BMKey Wi-Fi cards?

I have a similar AEKey MT7915 that I purchased from AsiaRF last year and it’s larger than a regular NVME drive so I’m not confident it will actually fit but I thought I would ask here for advice before I throw away $60 getting it delivered to test it.

Thanks in advance.

I successfully bought the 7916 m.2 A+E card and installed it with a b+m-> a+e adapter. It should work