Bpi-r4 ngff sata

Hi. I would like to ask if is it possible to use NGFF to 5 SATA adapter in M2 Key B slot? Or is it stricte for celluar module?

If we get the pcie on key b slot (pcie2) working imho it should be possible.

Is that dependent on firmware or hardware?

It is software thing, slot works with bpi openwrt,but it is not easy to get additional drivers into this old version. Wee need to find out why the slot is not working in mainline…all other 3 pci controllers working with openwrt/patched mainline code

Thank you for the info.


This module can be used on NGFF KEY M, for your reference.

Yes, I saw that but I am not interested on using it in this port. I don’t need celluar module so I rather use that port for SATA and KEY M use for NVMe disk.


We used BPI’s iamge to test that KEYB’s PCIe to USB .

but mainline openwrt may require you to adjust the driver yourself for now.