Bpi-r4 + mt7615

Good day to all! Let me make a reservation right away: I ask this question in order not to waste money. Therefore, I ask for clear and concise answers (if known) to the following questions:

  1. Will the BPI-R4 + MT7615 work together in OpenWRT?
  2. Are additional drivers (patches) needed during compilation?
  3. Will DBDC work on MT7615?
  4. What are the dimensions of the module from aliexpress, is it possible to install 2 of these (I will wait for the be19000, although I don’t really believe in its imminent appearance, and judging by the survey, most people do not need a module with 6 antennas)? Thanks in advance!
  1. yes, i have that card (bought from ebay), works like a charm, the pci mini version
  2. no, at least not in snapshot (i run snapshot and compile from time to time, just select the modules)
  3. i run mine with DBDC, so 2.4ghz and 5ghz parallel
  4. dont know, wondering why 2 because that card can handle 2.4 and 5 simultanous. i bought that card waiting for the wifi 7 card of sinovoip. when the wifi7 card releases, i’ll buy it and replace the mt7615

your link of aliexpress shows a card that i dont know which looks very proprietary. it states: compatible with BPI R2 and R64 Board, nothing for r3/r4. Why not go with a mini pci express card? mine looks like AW7615-NP1 WiFi Mini PCIe Module MTK MT7615 4T4R DBDC 11ac 1.7Gbps but mine is not from asiarf.

It is the card that was sold by sinovoip directly and was some of the first mt7615,so that explaina the bigger size…some time later asiarf released a normal full-size mpcie

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Thanks for answers! Nevertheless, I am interested in the dimensions of this board, where can I see them?