BPI-R4 info for SFP WAN options


I’ve recently received my R4 board and set it up, using the current openwrt snapshot running on a SD. The only missing item is WAN running over SFP, my ISP uses a technicolor AFM0002 as ONT but, if i set it in the sfp wan port, i only get a single notification in dmesg that the sfp port is providing 3W and nothing else. If i set the ONT in a gigabit media converter, the status indicator shows that the link goes up after roughly a minute so i would guess there is some shenanigans that aren’t supported on the openwrt build or the bpi. My ISP doesn’t support that part anymore so if i change plan I’m getting an external ONT if I like it or not anyway, so is there a forum favorite part to get copper 2.5/5/10 speeds on SFP+?