[BPI-R4] How to resize overlay of eMMC


I have some trouble to resize my overlay partition for eMMC on my R4.

I have flashed an SD card with bananapi_bpi-r4-sdcard.img.gz, then I have flash the NAND, reboot on NAND and then flash the eMMC.

After booting in NAND to resize my eMMC I tried to execute the following command, like for the r3

parted /dev/mmcblk0 -- mkpart f2fs 768MiB -34s resizepart 5 768MiB resizepart 4 67.1M resizepart 3 12.6M 

But the partition of type f2fs /dev/mmcblk0p66 does not exist. And when I boot on eMMC the /overlay come from /dev/fitrw and not from mmcblk0

What am I missing ?

Thnak you.

I guess you need to build your image yourself

@dangowrt or is there a way after flashing? Maybe default size can be increased to have more space in the prebuilt snapshots?

Thank you for the link, I managed to get the right size without building an image myself. Maybe there is something easier to do it but I do the following steps:

  1. Flash an sdcard
  2. Install on NAND
  3. Boot on NAND
  4. Flash eMMC from NAND
  5. From NAND run parted liked before to extend production to 100%
  6. Boot on eMMC
  7. Download sysupgrade
  8. Flash sysupgrade

On reboot the overlay is 7.0G

By the way if there is something easier I’ll take it.