[BPI-R4] Getting TypeError on main dashboard page

Is anyone familiar with this? Can anyone give me some pointers on how to resolve it?


Which board,which image?

Its a bpi r4, openwrt 23.05.3

BPI r4 is not supported in 23.05.x only in lastest develop / trunk…

I guess he uses snapshot or self compiled openwrt/master which is basing on 23.05 and so prints this version…but cannot help about the error

Yep. I compiled my own firmware for the bpi r4 with an AsiaRF7916. Working good except for a few errors like this.

have you used distclean before and updated + installed the feeds?

maybe something for luci is missing or broken

I sure did. Even used clean Debian install.

I understand it’s experimental. So am not expecting miracles. I can always compile again if needed.

For mainline openwrt imho it is better to ask in openwrt forum or report issue on openwrt github.