BPI-R4 Case issues


Does anyone know how you are supposed to put the BPI-R4 in it’s case? There are 4 screw lugs, but only two can be accessed, even with the case fully dismantled.

I have to admit, I thought the case would come in two halves, much like other extruded aluminium cases, but it doesn’t.

Is assembly suposed to require some kind of special right-angled screwdriver?

I can only imagine how hard it will be to install the board with all the antenna wires as well.

Am I missing something really obvious? Is this some kind of design error?

Thanks, thats really helpful.

Ive not run across a case constructed like that before. I’m very impressed by how well hidden that seam is!

Looks like wifi sub board and nvme are not accessible without removing the board…hoped r4 case would do better than r3 case