BPI-R4: any pitfalls for migrating from R64 to R4?

So, I ordered the BPI R4 as a replacement for my BPI-R64. However, while I’m still waiting for it to arrive, could some people give me a few hints about upgrading? While waiting for wifi 7 to appear, I dug through a lot of wifi cards I previously bought for my BPI R64, ultimately being disappointed due to power requirements :slight_smile:

I’d like to put a MT7915 and a qca9880 card in the mpci slots, and a ath11k WCN6856 M.2 card in the M.2 E slot. this would give me 2 2.4ghz radios, 2 5ghz radios, and 1 6ghz (yes, and I lose the USB BT on the M.2 card, too bad).

But, what about its software?

I cloned openwrt from master and merged dangowrt’s bpi-r4 branch (no conflicts). Is there any other software I need to make it run (or at least boot)? do I need a separate kernel? any ideas are welcome :slight_smile: