BPI-R4 - any information?

Have you tried using sfp modules in the sfp+ slots. Daniel told me that basicly it should be possible.

Have you verified temperature yet? I guess wifi-module and nvme can heat up and because both are located below the main board this can cause problems.

Are cp2102 and ch340 usb2uart adapters working again (r3 has troubles with wifi frontends)? Is maybe the usb-c-port usable as debug-uart (like r2pro)?

Banana Pi BPI-R4 wifi7 module use MediaTek MT7996+MT7995+MT7977A+MT7977B chip design.


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What is the difference between mt7977bn and mt7977an? Is BN 5Ghz and there is a typo in the image?

@sinovoip This is primarily aimed at you. I mistakenly replied to SergeS’s post.

Fourteen antennae on one device is going to cause quite a bit of passive mutual interference with significant irregularities in the RF output pattern with possibly severe signal lobing. I suggest you consult with someone who can model that for you. It’s also ungainly to work with - cable routing is going to be a pain.

I recommend that the four 5GHz antenna outputs and the four 2.4GHz antenna outputs be mixed together right on the board. This will give 4 dual-band antenna outputs and 5 dedicated 6GHz antenna outputs. Which is a good mix.

There should be no problem having room on the board for the required RF mixers.

The case should be very carefully designed and should take into consideration:

  • Thermal flow of both the main and daughter boards
  • Cable routing
  • Internal antenna mount points.
  • External antenna mounts

For the case I recommend:

  • Vertical case design, for thermal flow. Heatsinks can be on both sides on both the main and daughter board, with ventilation bottom and top for air flow
  • Plastic case to allow for internal antennae. EDIT: It should be a plastic which has good RF-transparency. ABS and acrylic are both good choices.
  • 2-3 internal antennae mounts on the flats of each side (depending on whether you add 2.4/5.8GHz mixers to the daughter board). If you do mix the 2.4/5.8GHz antenna outputs, then 2 internal antenna mounts per side. If you don’t then three per side.
  • At least eight external antenna ports - 2 on each narrow side, four along the top.
  • Removable panels on the flats of each side for access. EDIT: This is a good place for the RF-transparent acrylic.
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My Intel AX210 becomes boiling hot when pulling 880Mbps up or down constantly for 5 minutes or longer, but it does not trigger the overtemp warning (thermal zone also says not detected, so in this instance shorten the lifespan too). So I am not sure what is your use case.

Are you looking for a constant 2.5G stream over the air?

Hi, I see Gpon ONU stick is mentioned in your reply,I’m going to do the same, but I’m running into some issues。PPPoE cannot be connected, even if my ONU status is normal, and I also tried to use the fiber optic modem provided by ISP, the PPPoE connection cannot be made。do you have any idea。Thanks!


wifi 7 function test ok ,all hardware function test ok .



Yea. BPI4, is something I’m gonna skip on. Im not a fan of any aspect of the design here. I know too early to say, but it’s going to have heat dissipation issues with / without the case. But looking forward to the release and reviews!

The 10G support on the SFP+ is “up to” not “only” right? Which speeds will it support? For example,

  • 10
  • 100
  • 1G
  • 2.5G
  • 5G
  • 10G (obviously yes) Alot of 10G equipment only supports 1G and 10G

Some 10G SFP+ sockets only support 1G and 10G modules, that’s true. But even if the SFP+ socket only supports a 10G module, you can get, say, 10G ethernet modules will themselves support 100M, 1G, 2.5G, and 10G speeds.

I looked on Ali-Express … the BPI-R4 is for sale now?

I thought … i wished … it would be not so expensive … .

Just wait a bit,we are still preparing patches for mainline (daniel send 2 series recently) and last hardware has at least a bug,so better wait for next version (i guess 1.1).


Any word on the enclosure?

Ha. Those 154 Euro are only the Board… not the WiFi Daugtherboard. That will probably cost similar or more than the BPI-R4 itself.

Or what do you guys think?

I will also wait for the price of the wifi card before pulling the trigger. The R3 had this price with Wifi.

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Could you elaborate on the v1.0 bug? As v1.0 seems to be now hitting the AliExpress stores - or at least it show v1.0 in the pictures but nowhere in the text - I am in doubt to buy it now.

I guess it is already fixed in public sale as it was discovered when i received my dev board…

I am particularly interested in the 10GB ports, and the M.2 KeyB for 5G (USB 3.2) slot, I hope one can use the Quectel 5G RM521F-GL in this slot to it’s full capacity? Also interested in the slot for WiFi 7 module. Looks to be a beast. I should order one of these, though, waiting for them to be available on Amazon. That’s where I got my BPI-R3 kit from.

Anyone understand this?

  • 2x 10Gbe SFP slot (option 1x 10Gbe SFP and 1x SOC embedded 2.5Gbe PHY. NOTE: Need to modify hardware)

Can you please stop asking same questions twice in different threads?

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