BPI-R3 : Which M2 mPCIe Adapter

Hey All,

I am looking to expand my R3 by including an wifi 6E module and wanted to try out AW7916. However I believe I need an adapter. I am not sure which one to get that would work. Are there any recommendations? Also this adapter is for the nvme slot at the back correct?

Not sure whether i am allowed to post links here but this one works with AsiaRF card:

You can get them cheaper on Ali but with a bit longer shipping.

Oh Sweet! Thank you so much buddy! Appreciate it!

Just keep in mind, with the m.2 slot on the bottom, unless you use a custom case, you will likely have some thermal issues. The AsiaRF cards run pretty hot, and that has nowhere to go with the card upside down under the main board.

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Understood! Thank you for letting me know! I am somewhat divided in actually getting it ( AsiaRF card), since the ongoing issues with AX + Bpi R3 / MT76+ Openwrt. I only got the adapter from AliExpress for now and will get a wifi 7 chipset once AsiaRF has one available. Hopefully by then these issues are sorted out.

Re: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/802-11ax-worse-than-802-11ac-with-mt76-driver/126466/396

That thread, I think, overstates the issue. I have four BPI device (1 x R2, 2 x R64, 1 x R3), all of them with mt7915/7916 cards in them and I have had few issues and very favourable performance (in AC, and AX modes). In fact with WED, the performance and CPU issues are very good.

The two issues I have had have been DBDC, which a firmware change has cleared up, and with simultaneous AP + Client on a single radio on DTS channels, which is still an issue but easily worked around.

If you want to wait for WiFi 7, by all means, but I wouldn’t let that thread be what dissuades you.

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