[BPI-R3] WAN port speed limited to 100Mbps, only with ISP cable

Hello! Today I have faced a problem that I don’t understand, so I am asking for your assistance.

I am using BPI-R3 with OpenWRT snapshots for a few months already and never faced any problems with it. Until today.

Today I have noticed that WAN -> LAN speed is slower that expected. Few speedtests confirmed that it is limited to about 90-100Mbps.

OK, first idea was that it is ISP problem, so I connected ISP cable directly to my laptop and got ~800Mbps as advertised. So, it is not an ISP fault, thought I.

Second idea is to test WAN port of the router. I have connected it directly to another routers LAN port -> both reporting 1000Mbps. So, it looks like WAN port of BPI-R3 is OK.

Also, I have tried to define LAN4 of BPI as WAN -> Working at 1000Mbps with ISP cable.

WAN port added to LAN bridge also working at 1000Mbps with any of my home devices.

So, the only combination that is giving me 100Mbps limit is ISP cable in BPI-R3 WAN port. I don’t have any ideas what to check further and how to solve problem, so I am waiting for your replies.

PS: I have tried to upgrade to latest OpenWRT snapshot. Nothing has changed.

I guess this is a autonegotiation issue…you could look with ethtoo what the supported and advertised modes are…highest one in both lists is used. Maybe it is side effect of the patch supporting 100mbits in general

Do you mean, this is issue in WAN<->LAN negotiation speed? How can I see this info? Ethtool br-lan? Ethtool br-wan?

Ethtool with the dsa port,not the bridge…so in your case

ethtool wan