[BPI-R3] using nvme standoff in other positions

I have a nvme ssd, size 2230, which I wanted to use for the R3 (after using it for testing the R3mini).

I thought I could move the standoff from the 2280 position to the 2230 position, by unscrewing it. But it is really really stuck, so I guess it is not suitable for moving it.

Is there a standoff I can screw in the hole of the 2230 position, which will fit in that hole nicely, either by self-tapping thread or a counter nut? The hole is pretty big…

You can use such adapters which can be cut to the right length.

But you need the metallic part for screwing your nvme to the adapter.

Since the 2230 hole is present, I thought I could use that.

The problem was afair that we have a hole,but on the other side of board the hole is blocked by pcie slot,so you cannot put a screw from there.

Yep only some self-tappng thread, but I guess none available with the correct dimensions.