BPI-R3 Uboot reboot from sd card may failed possible after first flash image to sd card

SD Card is ok. After flash the sd image to sdcard, the first time bootup works well and enter the system sucessfully. And reboot it, the second bootup may failed for reading sdmmc and enter uboot console directly. And the only way is unplug the power and replugin the power, the bootup works well again and the problem goes away. From master near openwrt 22.03 to master near openwrt 23.05. Any ideas?

Try it with another SD card. U-Boot does not work well with all manufacturers /models.

i also have this problem with all my sdcard (Sandisk and samsung), sometimes i need to reboot 15 time untill it works…the sdcards are not corrupted…

To avoid this problem, once you configured your openwrt correctly with all your needs, reboot and copy the sdcard to the internal storage (emmc, nand) from the console menu and then boot from internal storage and no more from sdcard.

just follow the process here from STEP 7

install bootloader, recovery and production to NAND. And set the switchs to boot from NAND.

I think the uboot read the sdmmc so fast while the sdcard is not ready.Uboot should delay some time when need to do operations with sdcard. Installing bootloader to emmc or nand should works.But in my case, need to boot from sdcard.