BPI-R3 review with WiFi / CPU benchmarks and power consumption numbers:

Bananapi R3 review with WiFi / CPU benchmarks and power consumption numbers:

Interesting review. It’s just too bad the reviewer doesn’t understand DBDC.

EDIT: … or where to source cheap SFP modules. Or what “g” and “b” means for LEDs.


The have no predefined function,but daniel and used green one as “ON” indicator which is be set to on via devicetree

I have bought 2fibre sfp for 26€ from amazon and 2 2g5 copper sfp (13,5€ each) from aliexpress

I guess my sarcasm wasn’t clear. I meant it was too bad the reviewer couldn’t figure out those simple things for his review. A few minutes of research would have made his review a lot better.

I looked for a way to comment on the review, but comments appear to be turned off on his web site. And I can’t find an email address for him to give him tips and corrections.

Yeah, what they had in mind is probably multi-band operation… (ie. one of the big new features of Wi-Fi 7)

MediaTek’s definition of DBDC usually even refers to DBDC frontend chips like the MT7976. In that sense the R3 doesn’t even use DBDC front-end but rather two independent 4T4R frontends, one for each band.

tl;dr: multiband operation != DBDC operation != DBDC frontend

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I’m also an R3 fanboy now… :slight_smile: Also, the reviewer ran the performance tests by running them on single core on R3 instead of multicore. The results would have been x4 … I don’t know if he did the same with the DEC740.

Here some benchmark https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/perf_and_log/benchmark.openssl?s[]=bpi&s[]=r3#new_benchmark_table

You can sort the table for different test and BPI-R3 it is in really good position in each one.