BPI-R3 PWM possibilities

Is it possible to use a PWM fan with the GPIO header as pin 7 is for PWM ? or is it necessary to use the PWM header ?

Apart from the already existing chat, I’m also interested in how to use the GPIO header!

To still use thermaltrip configuration you can simply change pwm number of the fan dts node.

0 means pwm0 so the one connected to fan socket.

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Awesome, thanks for responding.

Right now I have the non-PWM fan that cam in the kit. it works fine but the connector will fit onto to the GPIO pins but not the 5v two pin fan header. I was just trying to understand the options if I decide to go for a PWM fan.

Hello Dnld,

you have much possibilities! But It depends on the connector you have!

You have this fan?


β†’ change the existing connector to PH2, and use PWN socket:

β†’ unsolder existing PWN socket an solder cable direct to β€œ+” and β€œ-” of the PCB.

β†’ buy a new fan (with PWM?)


Definitely buy a new fan … but actually having now built the box with a non-PWM fan it isn’t very offensive, so I think I will leave it like that for a while and see how hot it doesn’t get.