[BPI-R3] PPPoE + VLAN slow performance with OpenWRT

I did some tests with my FTTH 2.5Gpbs/0.5Gbps internet connection using PPPoE + VLAN with OpenWRT snapshot.

Both using an external ONT and the mini ONT MA5671A I can not go beyond 750-800Mbit in download (full bandwidth in upload). With an Asus router or the ISP ONU I go to full bandwidth (950Mbps with 1Gb ethernet clients).

Are there any performance issues or hardware offloading problem on the PBI-R3 using PPPoE and VLANs? Does anyone use PPoE with VLAN and have done speed tests at 1Gbps and beyond?

On the R3 I can get about 1200Mbps with the MA5671A with this:

speedtest-netperf.sh -H netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net -t 60 -p --sequential

netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net it is not near my location (over 40ms ping) so I think that a can go faster with local servers.

But on Ethernet connection I reach only 700Mbps, even testing servers with less than 4ms ping).

So I confirm that at least with my connection the R3 can’t manage 1Gbps with PPPoE/VLAN on Ethernet connection.

Is there anyone here who has had a better experience? Ideas on how to configure the R3 to improve the download speed?


which OS/kernel do you have exactly?

can you try local test? so only ethernet-connection to a local machine (iperf3) without vlan and pppoe?

i have a speed drop on ethernet from 940 down to 620 Mbit on ethernet-layer only in tx-direction since 6.2-rc1


Thanks Frank.

All works ok on local ethernet connection. I’m using “OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r22257” with 5.15.98 kernel.

Probably I have solved… at least with this kernel/OpenWrt release.

I made a couple of test using the external ONT that is limited to 1Gbps Eth:

  1. enabled only “Packet Steering” on " Global network options"
  2. enabled both “Software flow offloading”/“Hardware flow offloading” on “Routing/NAT Offloading”
  3. both 1 and 2 configuration at the same time.

Each of the three above seems to solve at least with 1Gbps connection the R3 reach 1Gbps. It seems that the 2 and 3 one may be the best to be choosen cause the first 1 alone produce some CPU load.

Next test I will do is with the SFP ONT MA5671A on the R3 SFP Cage …

[EDIT] I get full speed also with the MA5671A on the SF cage!!!

Now I will wait the 2.5Gbps SFP Ethernet modules and the OpenWRT patch to make it working to test full ISP speed.



Where have you set these options? Make menuconfig don´t list any of these…

Edit: found it in Luci on my R2 Now I have to investigate the exact line in /etc/config/network to transfer in my R3 config

thx in advance Go