[BPI-R3] passive cooling

Using 2 of these sets of copper for rpi5, can use to cool the R3 passively. Just for a few euros/dollars.


Well, for R3 I didn’t use any cooling stuff and it still works well and stable😎

Not something one can just use, but pretty simple DIY for someone with dremel\drill.

I’m using dirt cheap radiator for AMD socket 754/939/AM2 (?) Please note: cooler is incompatible with BPI R3.

  1. Drill 4 holes for pin holders with spring.
  2. radiator is tall for stock case, so you need to use saw or just bend radiator “leafs” outside.
  3. Use thermal pads as described here [BPI-R3] Running Hot - #23 by danger89
  4. Double check radiator doesn’t touch\short electronic components - it will instantly damage your router

I’m using it for a half a year as a passive cooling solution with a moderate to low load. Router stays below 60C even if 27C air temperature. There is nothing better than solid heavy peace of metal to accommodate spikes of heat.

Well, I have a BPI-F3 and I had no cooling until last night. I was compiling a lot so I thought I would check the temp. It was running about 74. I went and got one of my older copper fan coolers from an old AMD box I had, applied thermal paste and now it runs at a cool 32 and much faster.