BPI-R3 | opkg ipk error

I want to install kmod-mt7922-firmware,but error!

My kernel version is 5.15.148. Can’t even install a wrong number?

afaik its not only the kernel version but also the checksum which was in use when the kernel was built. i guess the kernel in use is not the one which was used to build the modules in that repo. thats the only explanation of that error for me.

if thats a sinovoip image it can’t work, because sinovoip images where never relased under any openwrt url. at least thats what i know. you must use then sinovoip’s repo url, but not sure if there is even one. as explained in another post, i highly recommend you to use the openwrt version, not the sinovoip repo. then you can use ./scripts/feeds and also opkg without such errors.

OK , I will use openwrt branch version,thanks.