BPI-R3 OpenWRT snapshot and using mt76-test utility

Kernel 5.15.137 OpenWrt SNAPSHOT

Hi, We’re trying to generate test signals from the BananaPi-R3 for wifi certification. I’ve used the mt76 driver test utility ( mt76-test with mac80211 test mode enabled) on mt7613 based boards before and it works well.

But when I try to use it with the same configuration ( Monitor mode, chanel set by iw, vht ) on the BPI-R3 ( MT7986 ) I do not get any TX waveforms ( like on mt7613 ).

Has anyone used the RF test utilities in the mt76 driver for any of the Filogic 830 boards that could give me some hints ?

a ok-ish reference to the tool can be found here but for more than that it seems one needs to fig though the testmode.c and testmode.h files in mt76