Bpi R3 network interfaces bandwidth

Hello! Looked up to R3 block diagram i think bandwidth of right SFT and all RJ45 is 2.5Gbps in total due to SOC-NETchip interface limitation. I’m right? So, if i plan to use interface bonding (teaming) i can use only 3 1Gbps links?

And another question: an any 1Gbps optical SFP will work in left slot? Or left SFP is also fixed to 2.5Gbps?

You are right, all rj45 ports and lan-sfp share 2.5g interface to cpu. If traffic can be switched from one port to another this is not limited except the 1g/port.

That means if you have full traffic (2.5g) over the lan-sfp,there is no more bandwith to cpu for the rj45ports left.

I use hifiber optical sfps on r3 and it works as far as i tested it.

There is very interesting thing: if i’ll connect wan sfp and lan sftp by nul-cable @2.5 Gbps and all 5 rj45 connect to LACP bonding group - i’ll have 5Gbps link from my L2-managed dlink switch to SOC CPU? :-))

Link is 5x1g,but i’m not sure it works…basicly you can configure lan-sfp to cpu-port to have 2 2.5g uplinks from switch,but i don’t know how to manage this on eth1 correctly…i guess similar to r64/r2