[BPI-R3] need help for wifi test mode ATE command


I download source code for BPI-R3, GitHub - BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-R3-OPENWRT-V21.02.3: BPI-R3-OPENWRT-V21.02.3, build the openwrt 21.02 build image, when i burt to SD card, wifi running OK.

But, I need to used MTK WIFI ATE command to test WIFI EVM & POWER & Specturm mask …

example: console input “iwpriv wlan0 set ATE=ATESTART” command, output “no private ioctls”

How to do wifi test mode with BPI-R3 board? How to build the test mode image for BPI-R3?

Regards, Deon

please use our released openwrt image, it will include these binary and drivers.

He uses your image source :slight_smile: