Bpi r3 mt7531 openwrt switch command read error

After building openwrt master for bpi r3, the switch command read 753x error, any ideas?

wzkiro@DESKTOP-R5NTD:/home/wzkiro$ switch
mt753x deal request error
Read fail
mt753x deal request error
Read fail
1) mt753x switch Basic operations=================================================================================================================>>>>
 1.1) switch devs                                                       - list switch device id and model name
 1.2) switch sysctl                                                     - show the ways to access kenerl driver: netlink or ioctl
 1.3) switch reset                                                      - sw reset switch fsm and registers
 1.4) switch reg r [offset]                                             - read the reg with default switch
 1.5) switch reg w [offset] [value]                                     - write the reg with default switch
 1.6) switch reg d [offset]                                             - dump the reg with default switch
 1.7) switch dev [devid] reg r [addr]                           - read the reg with the switch devid
 1.8) switch dev [devid] reg w [addr] [value]                   - write the regs with the switch devid
 1.9) switch dev [devid] reg d [addr]                           - dump the regs with the switch devid

And using swconfig, it could not found any switch chip… Driver is dsa.

switch command is imho openwrt specific for the old mt753x phy driver. Mainline contains already the dsa driver (and dts based on it) which does not know switch command from openwrt.

What do you want to do exacrly? You have an interface for each port with the dsa driver and you can addips vlans etc to these directly. Also statistics can be read with the dsa interfaces with standard-tools like ethtool and ip

Yes, you are right. The ‘switch’ command comes from mtk_openwrt_feeds with its driver . And i want to config switch vlan for “wan lan1” “lan2 ~ lan4” without bridge. I dont know whether the bridge with dsa driver is hardware switch(unmanged) or not.

You can add vlan directly To interfaces using ip command