BPI-R3 mini sta mode

Hi, I have been trying to configure my BPI R3 to use a wifi as internet provider but when I do that, I loose access to luci. I want to connect the R3 mini to a wifi and use it as main connection but not repeat the wifi. I’m using the BSD NAND 20231115 IMG. In the mtk wifi I have set both AP wifi 2.4 and 5. And I connected to an other wifi in STA 2.4. But when I do that, the R3 mini just act as a repeater and I loose access to Luci interface. Is it possible to connect to a station and still have access to Luci while on the R3 mini AP?

I have set a static IP on ra0 and rax0 and DHCP on the apcli0 and apclix0