[BPI R3 mini] Installing OpenWRT (EMMC) via serial port

Tell me how to perform a clean installation of OpenWRT on the BPI R3 mini. I downloaded files for emmc from the website firmware-selector.openwrt.org (packages were added there, in particular the en8811h package is interesting - I understand it is responsible for Internet ports) After installing gpt, bl2, fip, it asks for a recovery file via tftp (but the Ethernet ports do not work) and OpenWRT itself does not start

frank-w, I saw some files on you.

How do I use them and can they help me? bl2 and fip are clear, but what role do other files for R3-mini play?

bpi-r3mini_emmc.img.gz - ?

u-boot-r3mini_2024.04-bpi-arm64-emmc.bin - ?

background: ImmortalWRT was installed, but after a couple of hours I realized that there was no point in it

My files are not for openwrt they use my own uboot…you can only use then to restore openwrt on nand…but you have already booted uboot from openwrt as far as i understand.

If uboot from openwrt starts and then tries tftp there is either a crash reported in uboot (pstore) or the production image is not completely flashed (data corruption). Pstore is cleared on power loss,so try to boot openwrt after powercycle and look/post bootlog.

The ram option (boot bl2/fip via serial) is for cases where uboot cannot be loaded from emmc and nand…if one device starts to uboot you can flash the other device,then boot it and reflash the first one

Have you written all parts for emmc (not only bl2 and fip)?

I recorded all 3 parts yesterday, after that it asks for tftp recovery (the same was the case when installing ImmortalWRT), but the ports do not work, is it possible to start recovery or write somewhere via USB (and your U-BOOT)?

I tried to enter it step by step +emmc_write_recovery It was probably a mistake, I’ll try again tonight

Получается fatload > emmc_write_production > mmc_write_vol

Fatload sysupgrade? or kernel?

I may be wrong, but the file that is marked as kernel on the site, after downloading, has the word recovery at the end

И если сделать сборку (добавить пакеты), то он пропадает

I guess sysupgrade is the righ one,bit it is possible you need the kernel too (if it is not part of sysupgrade).

Try to look what the openwrt uboot makes for installing openwrt…

Mhm,hard to way what it does,but obviously led support is missing/wrong and maybe because of this the boot script thinks read was not working and tries the tftpboot

Imho we land in bootcmd and then boot_emmc,boot_production

If this does not boot then there is a fallback with tftp in line above where i guess you hang

I guess emmc_read_production fails…you can add some debugs there…

on the wiki, I found some instructions on how to download the emmc firmware via nand… either I’ll mess up the nand now, or I’ll install the original firmware.

apparently at some point I erased something superfluous… as I expected, there is nothing in NAND

and probably for the same reason, the fact that I erased something superfluous, the LEDs do not work and the en8811h does not load


A difficult case, yes, yes, it’s me :rofl:

If you nuked both storages, you should follow the instructions in [BPI-R3 Mini] Boot from NAND fails - #17 by kevok

in short you’ll use GitHub - 981213/mtk_uartboot after crafting the correct payload.